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Title: Conviction
Chapter Title: Prologue
Series/Disclaimer: I don't own Resident Evil. I just like to pretend I can write fanfiction about it.
Albert Wesker/Chris Redfield
Story Theme:
Without You - Breaking Benjamin
Beta: palinka_femme 
Summary: Hunting Albert Wesker was as natural as breathing for Chris - but maybe his reasons for such a relentless pursuit aren't as simple as he likes to think.
Author's Notes:
So, a while back I played Resident Evil 5. I got pretty obsessed, loved Chris and Wesker as characters but thought I'd finally met two characters who I didn't think would slash. I even told a friend of mine, "They're great rivals, but I don't think they'd work too well together."

Silly me.

I struggled for a plot line after a while. Grasped at straws, fought with logical and illogical ideas, read other fanfiction - some inspiring, some instilling doubt, and some just plain weird. I wrote some crack for them because it was all my brain could come up with, thought it was fine, walked away and left it at that.

And now, here I am, working on something serious and something I hope is seriously great. It's complicated and messy, it's psychological and physical. But I've analyzed, considered, examined, written, erased, walked away, and come back several times before settling on this idea. This idea that I really want to know makes sense outside of my own head and this idea that I'm proud of. It isn't completely original, I've gotten some inspiration from wonderful authors all over the spectrum, but then again, what is entirely original these days?

Either way, I hope you enjoy.

- x - x - x -

How dangerous could ashes be?Collapse )


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The following is my final research paper for my GSW class. It's somewhat more serious than my fanfiction, honestly, but I hope people will still take it into consideration when reading it. (The few people that check out my journal besides when I cross-link it to a comm. :'P) Hopefully it formats right!


The world of education is a constantly changing one...Collapse )

8th-Feb-2010 07:41 pm - AD - Leaving Langley Falls
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Title: Leaving Langley Falls
Disclaimer: I don't own American Dad. But I would like to thank Seth MacFarlane for bringing gay side characters into my life.
Pairing/Characters: Terry Bates/Greg Corbin
Warnings: Bullet wounds, minor violence. Nothing serious.

Summary: During the episode "A Jones for a Smith," Terry and Greg are shot as the result of another of Stan's antics. Well, Terry's had enough of it and decides to leave Langely Falls.

Author's Notes: I wrote another American Dad! fanfiction!

This one has three parts planned for it, like an episodes with two breaks for commercials. I'm pretty excited and hopefully it'll go smoothly. I'll be taking a break for next week's story to write something special for Valentine's Day.

This one feels a little rushed, really. I think I was pretty lazy with it and I'm worried it shows. The next two parts are going to be more in depth from the stages of planning I'm in right now. For this one, I really just wanted to establish the ideas and end with Terry saying that line.

Anyway, enjoy!


Waking up after being shot wasn't quite like anything Terry had experienced before - which likely came from the fact he had never been shot...Collapse )
26th-Jan-2010 12:17 am - AD - RepubliCAN Fix This
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Title: RepubliCAN Fix This
Disclaimer: I don't own American Dad. But I would like to thank Seth MacFarlane for bringing gay side characters into my life.
Pairing/Characters: Terry Bates/Greg Corbin
Warnings: REPUBLICAN. o__o

Summary: During the episode "Lincoln Lover" Terry and Greg have a temporary break-up. By the end of the episode all is well. But what happened to get them there?

Author's Notes: I wrote an American Dad! fanfiction. I swear to Stockholm, something is wrong with me.

Well, anyway. I don't know what possessed me to sit down and write a fanfiction for Greg and Terry from American Dad! but whatever did, I'd like to thank them. I'm actually very pleased with the way this fanfiction came out despite the fact that it seems sort of silly to be writing about side characters for a satirical series that really isn't serious at all. At least not traditionally serious.

But I find something oddly alluring about this couple and I couldn't help but write it. The little section in "Lincoln Lover" provided the perfect space to do a little filler thing and I'm glad that I did it. Maybe I'll write for these two again sometime.

Thanks to my super-helpful beta, palinka_femme who will hopefully keep me on task and stay on task with her own goal to write one story a week.


It wasn’t even just that the ship had gotten back late...Collapse )
22nd-Dec-2009 09:50 pm - [FanFic] Crystal Kisses
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Title: Crystal Kisses
Author: nightxfury 
Recipient: hidane 
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: A fight scene, but no blood, but some swearing and heavy kissing scenes. No clothes are taken off, but I'm horribly descriptive.
Summary: My prompt was DenNor - Cinderella. So that's my summary. With some SuFin on the side. :'D
Notes: This story does not exactly follow the Cinderella story. There is no magical mice, no wand-waving fairy godmother. It's all AU, so the countries are humans (I did not come up with human names for Denmark, Norway, and Iceland). It was hella-pain to write at times, but generally I had fun with a lot of parts. I hope that you enjoy it, hidane! And a million thanks to my beta palinka_femme , who supported me and helped me so much throughout the whole thing.

Merry Christmas!

Crystal Kisses :: Chapter 1
Crystal Kisses :: Chapter 2
Crystal Kisses :: Chapter 3
8th-Dec-2009 02:59 am - GUESS WHO'S GAY?
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"It has been said by Hidekaz Himaruya that Sweden is a homosexual. It has also been said that he only acts that way towards Tino Väinämöinen. Sweden seems to be the only character with a confirmed sexuality."

Okay, so it's from the APH wikia and being a wikia it's not completely accurate all the time, since it can be edited by any fan whenever they damn well please. But still, it made my sour mood go away. :'D
21st-Nov-2009 07:13 am - Dear Self
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Dear Self,

I hope you feel a little bit better. I know I do.

Sincerely Yours,
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