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--Put /make-up/ on your pale /ideas/--

| We're going to -S W A Y- the -S T A R S- |

One of much awesome.
4 October
Hi! :'3

I'm Dominick Disaster and before you go any further you should know that if you came
here for fanfiction, specifically, then please pop over to sharedstorage_x
and do not add this journal to your f-list. I no longer plan to upload my
fanfiction to this journal, that way I can keep from boring people only interested in
my writing.

If you're here because you want to actually be a friend, then that's fantastic! Go ahead
and add me. Though I don't know why you would have an interest in my life. ^^;;

Despite the fact that I don't put my fanfiction here, my journal is still slash
; which means that a lot of boy-on-boy love is bound to pop up. Since
I post various rants and reflection on chapters and pairings and things like that. So
if you're coming here just to pick a fight, then please leave (though I admit I haven't
had any drama over that since I started using the Internet).

My graphics were made by my good friend, farferello. Please don't steal
them! D:
I also edited some of the code with the help of this this tutorial. :'3

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Stamps by all these people.